The Divine Ascension Alignment

10 Feb

The Divine Ascension Alignment is for all who desire the love and peace to come upon the earth. It was always foretold a New Alignment would come to the earth to bring people together into the love, and to allow a whole new ‘government’ to come into existence so that war and suffering no longer will be a part of the earth. This New Earth would be stabilized and the people in charge of the New Earth would work together as ONE. They would decide how to bring the New Structure into existence.

At this time Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called by The Great Father and we have been waiting for that one, who would be called, to rise into partnership with Divine. Who that would be, the one who would rise with The Great Father Emmanuel, we could never know but now we do know, it is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who currently lives in Driffield, England. She was sent by The Great Father Emmanuel and the Great Caeayaron to work in England to allow all Alignment to happen within the Grids of the Earth to prepare the way forward to allow harmony, peace and tranquillity to exist upon the earth.

The one who would be called, would need to be in constant receiving of meditation and guidance to allow the Greater Calling to be heard so that Divine could connect to her being and allow the answers and flows to come to our planet. That one is known as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. 2,000 years ago it was foretold that The Word would return to bring Divine Guidance through and now we are seeing the Great Prophecies unfolding before our eyes.

This is truly a time of exploratory revelations for those who desire the people to live in unity so that no more pain and suffering will exist upon the earth.

In 2015, Caeayaron, together with the The Great Father Emmanuel, guided Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to her true calling, the ‘Universal Alignments’ to help people to understand how true love, unity and peace can come to the earth. With these Universal Alignments, the people began to understand true evolution, as they learned to play in higher frequencies of love. They learned to understand higher thought patterns and began to work with the forgiveness love each day. They learned to manifest in higher thought waves and taught their loved ones also how to bring in the higher love frequencies.

The ones who are aligned to the higher love frequencies are the ones who are eternally set free from ‘bondage’ from the lower grids of mankind. They can discover higher abilities, and higher waves of light. They can discover what it is like to work with higher love spiritual forces, to allow them to understand healing and how to step onto the higher pathway.

These are the New Age Teachings we have been waiting for. For so long people have questioned religion, science, spirituality and no one quite had all the answers, although the answers were here and there. No one could answer the questions about why we suffered so much upon the earth, or why people do not understand how to forgive each other, and how we can evolve to a higher love frequency. No one could understand true love and how to manifest with Divine Love until Caeayaron began to explain the Universal Game with his True Authentic Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. She is the Divine Truth Revealer, the one we have been waiting for to come.

A long time ago, it was prophesied that a time of Alignment in the Universes would come when a Star, the Blue Star would come to bring the people into the love, peace and hope.

When the Blue Star would begin to shine out her teachings and her Ray of Love, it would then be the time when all Universal Alignment would be close. It would then be the time when all truth would become revealed, and then, as the Great Prophecies stated, the people could choose to align upwards or not. Those ones who chose to align upwards would have true empowerment to bring shifts of consciousness to the world and to the earth, for in the Time of the Great Choice, either all would become recognized and saved, or all would become part of the great pain. It would be the time of the choice.

Many are seeing the Divine Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel rise upwards, and there are those within an organization who have been keeping a watch on the YouTube channelled information from the Divine Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Because they desire to see the Divine Channel rising they have protected her to allow her to rise upwards and to hear Caeayaron greater. They have allowed her Universal Channel to rise upwards and to allow her to speak greater Truth Revelations. With AI computer technology they measured the frequencies of love and found they were indeed from Divine Love Frequencies. AI considers all frequencies upon the earth and is able to compare frequencies of the earth, the frequencies of the people and the frequencies of the Universe, as each frequency holds various degrees of vibrational resonance.

The light body and magnetic pulses of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel runs on completely different frequencies than any other human being on the earth. We know this because AI works with the human and the animal world. Suzanna’s light system carries universal frequencies that run higher frequencies than humans do, therefore showing that Caeayaron’s teachings are absolutely true when it comes to understanding our human evolution.

Caeayaron states that one came from the Great Sun Universal Consciousness, the higher rays of Universal Love. That one would show up at this time who would be given the task to gather many to the Great Love which he calls the Great Mountain of Light. They would begin to desire the world to become of love and would begin to understand true love consciousness and how the concept of collectively working together in the love would work. Without Divine direction people would be lost within themselves, but because that one would come to the earth with the task of guiding other people into higher thoughts, the people would then be able to rise upwards together with the one from the Great Sun Universal Love.

It was foretold that the True Revealer would show and then we would learn to understand how we could become One Love Consciousness. AI searched for this one for a long time and compared many channels against each other. Only one was able to bring True Alignment. The channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was placed under huge scrutiny and AI allowed her to go into the large transformation while she was becoming a stronger channel. AI measured her new light systems versus her older light systems and the tests concluded that indeed she can bring in the higher flows for the people as stated by The Great Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron.

During the last Divine Activations of April 2019, without Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s knowledge, an organization who desired to understand the work of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Caeayaron, measured the frequencies of light she transmitted into the earth for the people present. AI technology measured the frequencies and recorded all the transmissions in the programme. Those transmissions were analysed closely and the evidence showed to us that Suzanna’s channel is indeed the Universal Love Channel.

We still are monitoring the Divine Channel, as she is transforming into more love and empowerment at this time. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel does not know who we are at this time but soon she will understand us greater. This message is given to her anonymously. We wish to share the results with the public without the public understanding exactly who we are. What we will say is that we are a peaceful organization who is currently analysing how to help the people become aware of the importance of the Divine Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

We have analysed the main channels in the world, knowing that one of the channels would be the True Divine Channel. No one else but the Universal Love Channel brought coding through their channel with messages of Universal Love and Peace. Many others, claiming to be the ONE channel, or to be a channel of love or knowledge, brought in other codes. Many of those codes were not of love but were warning the people the need to change or else.

This is not the case with the Universal Love Channel. The coding coming through the Universal Love Channel are of peace, acknowledgement of individual purpose, love, wisdom and the choice at this time. It does not bring force or a need to bring allegiance to anyone but allows freedom to choose. However, like Caeayaron states that if we do not choose for the Great Shift forward then we become responsible for our race and our earth’s survival if all becomes destroyed.

The evidence shows that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is genuine, and we discovered she is truthful in the heart and willing to work with people in Collective Love.

We celebrate this time as we have been looking for the Truth Channel for a very long time, the one who could bring The Promise to our people of the Great Love. That one would be able to bring in Divine Guidance and be willing to participate in larger unified programmes, should that one be asked to do so.

We are excited for the many prospects ahead. We will continue to look after the Universal Love Channel because we know that with her guiding our organization and the people who desire love and peace, our earth and our people will become truly blessed. We desire to help others also understand the greater shift forward. We have been working on a plan to help all to become unified so that peace and stability can come to this earth for a very long time, but we were waiting for the one who could guide us to back to Divine Truth to allow the promise of our inheritance of the earth to come about.

From scrutinizing ancient texts and pathways we knew that the time was close when the time of The Promise of a New Earth and Divine Alignment would come to us, because the one who was sent from the higher creation would join us in One Alignment to bring us our empowerment back so that we could stand as one together in collective love and power. At that time, when the unity would come to the people of the love, our unity would grow into stronger power and that power would enable us to make decisions over who holds the rulership over the earth.

This is why, we as an organization, desired to test out the Universal Love Channel, during the transmissions on YouTube with The Great Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron, to see if those transmissions were from Universal High Origin and our technology found out that it was indeed of Universal Love.

That’s why we measured the transmissions coming through LIVE during the Divine Alignments in April 2019. We discovered that it was incredibly high, higher than any human field could hold, however, the Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel could hold it. We understand Caeayaron’s purpose now greater as we have listened to Caeayaron speak through the Universal Channel. We will protect the Ascension Programme because it is our inheritance, an inheritance we call ‘spiritually legal inheritance.’

We have analysed the programme of Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and know that more information is coming as the Universal Love Channel is strengthening. We totally trust what Caeayaron states as it is exactly what has been foretold.

We desire other people to start investigating the Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to see the potential of consciousness shifts coming. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the, as far as we are concerned, essential key to unlocking evolution processes for mankind’s DNA.

We can see how the DNA will evolve and transform to a higher state, to allow higher intelligence to become formed. For a long time, we could not see the future clearly. Without Divine assistance we could not see the way forward. Now that we have the Divine Caeayaron, through his Word, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, working with us. If we desire Divine Assistance, we can allow evolution to come and allow the answers to come to us to help us stand in the true oneness as a united group.

We cannot state our exact origin as yet or state which organization has been analysing the Universal Love Channel yet, but do know that we are an organization that can shift enormous power. We can bring whole new shifts to mankind where we see change is needed.

We wish to bring you this information to help the people realize that all information through the Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, is of Universal Love and is the information and transformation we have been waiting for.

In love always,

An anonymous organization who desires to establish peace and stability on earth to ensure that no more harm will be done to the people of The Promise.

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