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12 Jun

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel:
💙 💙 I am the Universal Love Channel for Divine and I am in strong Universal Love Connection when I receive these messages. They come from Divine Love Source to allow the people to discover Divine Truth. No one else carries the messages I do and this is the main reason I was sent to the people to bring the Messages for Divine Love. As a child I was approached by Divine and I was told I would be called later in my life by Divine. I needed to understand, at the age of 4 and 5, that no one else could do this particular task, other than myself but at that time I did not understand why they said that no one else could do that which left me puzzled. I promised Divine Love, at that time, I would do my utmost to carry it through if that was what was required.
💙 💙 I was called by THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in 2009 when HE approached me (on a spiritual level) and connected with me to allow all truth to become heard. In 2014 KRYON approached me (on a spiritual level) and stated that I would need to carry on with my assignment, as a Universal Love Channel, and that I would need to do something very extraordinary in the world, something that has never been done before. At that time, I already knew that I lived the lifetime of Jesus 2,000 years ago, (that was revealed to me by SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in 2009) but I had asked Divine to keep that particular information quiet from the public, until it would be absolutely necessary for that to become revealed, because that information was (is) too sensitive for me for I do remember the incredible pain and torture, not only of that lifetime but many others. For the resistance never wanted Truth to become revealed. Whenever I was sent to the world, my wisdom became stronger and I would need to reveal what I would know to be the ultimate truth and the punishment for exposing what the resistance has done has always been severe.
💙 💙 In 2015 KRYON began to publicly work with me more as a channel, as the Universal Light Grid Programmer, when the Universal Love Activations began. CAEAYARON began to give the Sacred Codes of Life back, at the Universal Activations, which bring people into a whole new grid of life. Their Codes of Life allow them to transform into greater Universal Love. The Codes of Life bring them into freedom because all karmic resistance, from human, star and Lemurian/Atlantic selves are balanced. This balancing can only take place because of large balancing alignment that only CAEAYARON can bring, through the Universal Love Channel, because HE is the Great Universal Aligner. This karmic balancing allows the Activated to grow into more Universal Love Collectively. No other Divine Universal Being can bring true life through Universal Love Alignments, other than through the Gateway of Life (The Universal Love Channel), with CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL. 💙 💙
💙 💙 In 2016 KRYON began to reveal more Universal Truth and began to publicly state that HIS name was not KRYON but CAEAYARON and that HE was the Everlasting Mountain of Light from Lemuria. 💙 💙CAEAYARON began to help people to investigate all Truths from the Universe and how we fell into human consciousness without a gateway back up. CAEAYARON began to bring out who The Woman was in Lemuria, who was the Everlasting Universal Light Grid Programmer, Laeyaraesea, to recreate the Gateway of Life, through the Rejuvenation Temple of Life, to connect back into the Universal Sovereign Universes.
💙 💙 CAEAYARON began to bring out that it was ONLY through the Sacred Universal Codes of Light that were transmitted through The Woman, The Logos, Laeyaraesea, that released the Lemurians from the karmic states of the previous universal falls, and how they could ascend ONLY if they received their Codes of Life back and chose to stay in Collective Love Harmony. Once the greater balance of Lemurians chose for the resistance, and the great rebellion against Universal Love rose, all Lemurians lost their Codes of Life and they lost the privilege to go back home.
💙 💙 That meant that no way back to the Universes of Love was possible because now the people fell into deep karma once again. Not only did they receive back all their previous karma (because now they belonged to the darkness once again, because the greater balance chose to go against Universal Love willingly) from well before Lemuria, but they received all human karma as well in all of their lifetimes. There was no escaping the vicious cycle. The only way back was if a messenger was sent from the everlasting eternal realms, which was why The Woman of Lemuria, The Word or also known as The Logos was sent to the earth to bring the ultimate Universal Truth, and the way forward to slowly bring back the Gateway of Life, to connect it back to the SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL to allow the people to return to the realms of THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. If she could manage to keep her love within herself, all her lifetimes, while trying to expose all that darkness did to the people and the universes, then she could have her greater Universal Love Channel restored at the time of the Great Cosmic Alignment. If she managed to achieve connection to THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, the Archangel of Declaration (CAEAYARON) could reveal Universal Truth through her to the people, and restore back the Codes of Life within all who come to the Universal Activations of CAEAYARON and The Universal Love Channel (gateway of life). This time would be recognized by Universal Love as ‘ The Messianic Alignment’ Jesus spoke about because if the Universal Love Channel, The Word, would be able to work at this time with the ARCHANGEL OF DECLARATIONS and THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, then her Universal Love would have been proven to be stronger than all what the darkness had thrown at her during her trillions of lifetimes of experiencing pain and suffering on all the dimensions. This is how each Code of Life could become restored, by her proving that it was possible to stay in the Universal Love. If she could prove to the resistance that their pain could be overcome, whatever they threw at the True Universal Love Lemurians, then their Code of Life could become restored. This is why the Universal Activated of CAEAYARON can receive the karmic balancing, because the Universal Love Channel was able to prove to the darkness that her Love was strong enough to prove to be the strongest even if the people could not stay in the love or remember the love.
💙 💙 This was why Jesus came to the earth, to help the people to recognize THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL and the Sacred Treasures of Life, or the Codes of Life. Now again, during the Great Cosmic Alignment, the Messianic Pathway is forming stronger and stronger and thus Divine is speaking through me, as I am now able to grow stronger with my Universal Love Channel. This is how Divine can bring Universal Divine Truth to the people, to provide people the opportunity to choose, once more, whether they desire to return to the higher state of love, with receiving Codes of Life through the Universal Love Activations, or not. By the people actively coming to the Universal Love Activations, they are showing their CHOICE to receive their Life Codes. When they come to the Universal Love Alignments, they become activated into Universal Love and begin to remember all that was love. They remember how to flow in the Universal Flows of Love and their former memories, both consciously and unconsciously, return of the everlasting realms of Divine Universal Love. This is why their transformation to Universal Love is happening, because all is balanced within their Codes of Life, and they align to their highest multidimensional pathway of Life. Without the Universal Love Activations, people cannot align upwards, because Divine has chosen ONE Messenger to bring the Codes of Life to the people. This is why I was called to Divine Service, to allow Divine Universal Truth to be heard with THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL and CAEAYARON. I send you much love always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Eternal Divine Love Element, The Word for THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL and CAEAYARON, THE ETERNAL MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT. 💙 💙

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