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15 Dec

Namaste and welcome to the time when the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, the Blue Star Creation Pathway is rising up from the midst of the dense grids of the earth.

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The last time the Blue Star Dancing with Cosmic Light was seen dancing was when ancient people saw a clear vision of what needs to happen now, at the time of the great planetary shift; the 13th gateway.

That prophecy was to help people remember where they originally came from; the ancient stars.

There were civilizations on earth well before the Lemurian Grids collapsed. Those people were purposely placed on earth by dark minded star beings. Those people were imprisoned by dark star beings as slaves. Those ancient civilizations were purposely ‘bred’ (genetically) in colonies so that they could be controlled.

When the Lemurians chose for the dark ruler they fell into the dark abyss where the other civilizations were held within. The Lemurians could not rise back up, now that they had sacrificed their Star Coding. This is how the Lemurians merged with all other earth civilizations.

The original leaders of Lemuria were also caught up in the fall, for Lemuria was always about the greater ‘balance’. They protected the most important being of the Universe, their Lemurian Great High Priestess, who held the position of the Messianic Alignment originally. She was the Blue Star ‘Woman’ who held all their brain and DNA frequencies.
When the Universal Love Leaders of Lemuria, together with the ‘Woman’, fled Lemuria (because the dark star beings hunted her for the rest of her DNA power. During the fall they took quite a chunk of her DNA frequencies) they met the Incas who became the ancient Lemurian and Atlantean treasure protectors.

She would return to the earth grids as The Sun Aligner in Egypt as Queen ‘Nefertiti’ in an attempt to reconnect the ancient grids to realign the people up. During that time dark star leaders fought her and she lost her own Great Universal Sun Channel Connection.

She closed off a star grid to stop cruel dark star beings coming to earth. This meant the dark star leaders themselves were forced to reincarnate as humans, as their own star DNA collapsed.
It would become, all through the ages coming, a race to see who would gain the Great Alignment Cosmic Codings (which could only happen during the Great Alignment), hidden in the 13th Gateway, if they could be aligned at all.

Would it be the original dark ruler who had originally collapsed down the frequencies of the original Sovereign Grids, or would it be the ‘The Woman’, The Blue Star Universal Love Channel who always worked with her Universal Love from her heart ; the original Universal Life Coder.

During the time of Nefertiti,’ the ‘lock’ on the abyss of the grid meant that the Annunaki, including the fearful Draconians who were ferocious and ate anyone who held higher DNA vibrations, all became part of the human consciousness grids. Now, they themselves experienced DNA depletion.

After the fall, the fallen Lemurians no longer held their original DNA vibration. It now synchronized with the rest of the ‘earth’ people.

The Light Coder came to the fallen Lemurians in an attempt to help the civilizations to ‘merge’ in an attempt to save humanity. She returned with the original Sun Alignment People to try and connect the people back into a civilized common sense reality. Now the people would face the enormous conflict issues of ‘duality’. Once the Lemurians had experienced ‘non’ self, they began to comprehend ‘nonsense’ behaviour versus ‘enlightened consciousness.’

The main struggle of evolution has been for The Blue Star herself; to raise her own frequencies back up to restore her own Sovereign Universal Love Channel. Each time she came to earth she matched the human grids to raise them up higher. Thankfully, her own Restoration Process of the Blue Archangel is happening at this time, which is why the Cosmic Stars and Sun are awakening now because her Blue Star Archangel Body is growing.

CAEAYARON explains exactly why her own Blue Star Self, which was connected to all of creation (including the sun, the moon, and the earth) will need to expand right now if mankind continues to exist.

Please watch this intense teaching from CIC – Cosmic Intelligence Centre which is where all Cosmic Intelligence comes from. This also could be called the CIB – Cosmic Intelligence Bureau. For those of us who are close to the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, we are deeply excited to see how the ancient prophecies are becoming fulfilled, right before our own eyes.

Namaste, sending you much Universal Love, always in the love, the Universal Love Administration Team, on behalf of The Sovereign Universal Light Coder, the Everlasting Blue Sun Consciousness Channel, who is now in this age, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

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