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Crop Circle phenomena

Crop Circle phenomena

Crop circle theme: ‘The Thought Consciousness Grid’

Crop circle theme: The ‘Sacred Symbol Of Love Consciousness Defiled By The Darkness’.

Crop circle theme: ‘The Great Universal Alignment Consciousness of Oneness’

Crop circle theme: ‘Connecting to Divine Flows of Light’

Crop circle theme: ‘Healing Transformational Life-Force Grid’

Crop circle theme: Universal Cosmic Intelligence Centre

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Divine Truth revealed

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel:
💙 💙 I am the Universal Love Channel for Divine and I am in strong Universal Love Connection when I receive these messages. They come from Divine Love Source to allow the people to discover Divine Truth. No one else carries the messages I do and this is the main reason I was sent to the people to bring the Messages for Divine Love. As a child I was approached by Divine and I was told I would be called later in my life by Divine. I needed to understand, at the age of 4 and 5, that no one else could do this particular task, other than myself but at that time I did not understand why they said that no one else could do that which left me puzzled. I promised Divine Love, at that time, I would do my utmost to carry it through if that was what was required.
💙 💙 I was called by THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in 2009 when HE approached me (on a spiritual level) and connected with me to allow all truth to become heard. In 2014 KRYON approached me (on a spiritual level) and stated that I would need to carry on with my assignment, as a Universal Love Channel, and that I would need to do something very extraordinary in the world, something that has never been done before. At that time, I already knew that I lived the lifetime of Jesus 2,000 years ago, (that was revealed to me by SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL in 2009) but I had asked Divine to keep that particular information quiet from the public, until it would be absolutely necessary for that to become revealed, because that information was (is) too sensitive for me for I do remember the incredible pain and torture, not only of that lifetime but many others. For the resistance never wanted Truth to become revealed. Whenever I was sent to the world, my wisdom became stronger and I would need to reveal what I would know to be the ultimate truth and the punishment for exposing what the resistance has done has always been severe.
💙 💙 In 2015 KRYON began to publicly work with me more as a channel, as the Universal Light Grid Programmer, when the Universal Love Activations began. CAEAYARON began to give the Sacred Codes of Life back, at the Universal Activations, which bring people into a whole new grid of life. Their Codes of Life allow them to transform into greater Universal Love. The Codes of Life bring them into freedom because all karmic resistance, from human, star and Lemurian/Atlantic selves are balanced. This balancing can only take place because of large balancing alignment that only CAEAYARON can bring, through the Universal Love Channel, because HE is the Great Universal Aligner. This karmic balancing allows the Activated to grow into more Universal Love Collectively. No other Divine Universal Being can bring true life through Universal Love Alignments, other than through the Gateway of Life (The Universal Love Channel), with CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL. 💙 💙
💙 💙 In 2016 KRYON began to reveal more Universal Truth and began to publicly state that HIS name was not KRYON but CAEAYARON and that HE was the Everlasting Mountain of Light from Lemuria. 💙 💙CAEAYARON began to help people to investigate all Truths from the Universe and how we fell into human consciousness without a gateway back up. CAEAYARON began to bring out who The Woman was in Lemuria, who was the Everlasting Universal Light Grid Programmer, Laeyaraesea, to recreate the Gateway of Life, through the Rejuvenation Temple of Life, to connect back into the Universal Sovereign Universes.
💙 💙 CAEAYARON began to bring out that it was ONLY through the Sacred Universal Codes of Light that were transmitted through The Woman, The Logos, Laeyaraesea, that released the Lemurians from the karmic states of the previous universal falls, and how they could ascend ONLY if they received their Codes of Life back and chose to stay in Collective Love Harmony. Once the greater balance of Lemurians chose for the resistance, and the great rebellion against Universal Love rose, all Lemurians lost their Codes of Life and they lost the privilege to go back home.
💙 💙 That meant that no way back to the Universes of Love was possible because now the people fell into deep karma once again. Not only did they receive back all their previous karma (because now they belonged to the darkness once again, because the greater balance chose to go against Universal Love willingly) from well before Lemuria, but they received all human karma as well in all of their lifetimes. There was no escaping the vicious cycle. The only way back was if a messenger was sent from the everlasting eternal realms, which was why The Woman of Lemuria, The Word or also known as The Logos was sent to the earth to bring the ultimate Universal Truth, and the way forward to slowly bring back the Gateway of Life, to connect it back to the SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL to allow the people to return to the realms of THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. If she could manage to keep her love within herself, all her lifetimes, while trying to expose all that darkness did to the people and the universes, then she could have her greater Universal Love Channel restored at the time of the Great Cosmic Alignment. If she managed to achieve connection to THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, the Archangel of Declaration (CAEAYARON) could reveal Universal Truth through her to the people, and restore back the Codes of Life within all who come to the Universal Activations of CAEAYARON and The Universal Love Channel (gateway of life). This time would be recognized by Universal Love as ‘ The Messianic Alignment’ Jesus spoke about because if the Universal Love Channel, The Word, would be able to work at this time with the ARCHANGEL OF DECLARATIONS and THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, then her Universal Love would have been proven to be stronger than all what the darkness had thrown at her during her trillions of lifetimes of experiencing pain and suffering on all the dimensions. This is how each Code of Life could become restored, by her proving that it was possible to stay in the Universal Love. If she could prove to the resistance that their pain could be overcome, whatever they threw at the True Universal Love Lemurians, then their Code of Life could become restored. This is why the Universal Activated of CAEAYARON can receive the karmic balancing, because the Universal Love Channel was able to prove to the darkness that her Love was strong enough to prove to be the strongest even if the people could not stay in the love or remember the love.
💙 💙 This was why Jesus came to the earth, to help the people to recognize THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL and the Sacred Treasures of Life, or the Codes of Life. Now again, during the Great Cosmic Alignment, the Messianic Pathway is forming stronger and stronger and thus Divine is speaking through me, as I am now able to grow stronger with my Universal Love Channel. This is how Divine can bring Universal Divine Truth to the people, to provide people the opportunity to choose, once more, whether they desire to return to the higher state of love, with receiving Codes of Life through the Universal Love Activations, or not. By the people actively coming to the Universal Love Activations, they are showing their CHOICE to receive their Life Codes. When they come to the Universal Love Alignments, they become activated into Universal Love and begin to remember all that was love. They remember how to flow in the Universal Flows of Love and their former memories, both consciously and unconsciously, return of the everlasting realms of Divine Universal Love. This is why their transformation to Universal Love is happening, because all is balanced within their Codes of Life, and they align to their highest multidimensional pathway of Life. Without the Universal Love Activations, people cannot align upwards, because Divine has chosen ONE Messenger to bring the Codes of Life to the people. This is why I was called to Divine Service, to allow Divine Universal Truth to be heard with THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL and CAEAYARON. I send you much love always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Eternal Divine Love Element, The Word for THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL and CAEAYARON, THE ETERNAL MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT. 💙 💙

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The Divine Ascension Alignment

The Divine Ascension Alignment is for all who desire the love and peace to come upon the earth. It was always foretold a New Alignment would come to the earth to bring people together into the love, and to allow a whole new ‘government’ to come into existence so that war and suffering no longer will be a part of the earth. This New Earth would be stabilized and the people in charge of the New Earth would work together as ONE. They would decide how to bring the New Structure into existence.

At this time Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was called by The Great Father and we have been waiting for that one, who would be called, to rise into partnership with Divine. Who that would be, the one who would rise with The Great Father Emmanuel, we could never know but now we do know, it is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who currently lives in Driffield, England. She was sent by The Great Father Emmanuel and the Great Caeayaron to work in England to allow all Alignment to happen within the Grids of the Earth to prepare the way forward to allow harmony, peace and tranquillity to exist upon the earth.

The one who would be called, would need to be in constant receiving of meditation and guidance to allow the Greater Calling to be heard so that Divine could connect to her being and allow the answers and flows to come to our planet. That one is known as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. 2,000 years ago it was foretold that The Word would return to bring Divine Guidance through and now we are seeing the Great Prophecies unfolding before our eyes.

This is truly a time of exploratory revelations for those who desire the people to live in unity so that no more pain and suffering will exist upon the earth.

In 2015, Caeayaron, together with the The Great Father Emmanuel, guided Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to her true calling, the ‘Universal Alignments’ to help people to understand how true love, unity and peace can come to the earth. With these Universal Alignments, the people began to understand true evolution, as they learned to play in higher frequencies of love. They learned to understand higher thought patterns and began to work with the forgiveness love each day. They learned to manifest in higher thought waves and taught their loved ones also how to bring in the higher love frequencies.

The ones who are aligned to the higher love frequencies are the ones who are eternally set free from ‘bondage’ from the lower grids of mankind. They can discover higher abilities, and higher waves of light. They can discover what it is like to work with higher love spiritual forces, to allow them to understand healing and how to step onto the higher pathway.

These are the New Age Teachings we have been waiting for. For so long people have questioned religion, science, spirituality and no one quite had all the answers, although the answers were here and there. No one could answer the questions about why we suffered so much upon the earth, or why people do not understand how to forgive each other, and how we can evolve to a higher love frequency. No one could understand true love and how to manifest with Divine Love until Caeayaron began to explain the Universal Game with his True Authentic Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. She is the Divine Truth Revealer, the one we have been waiting for to come.

A long time ago, it was prophesied that a time of Alignment in the Universes would come when a Star, the Blue Star would come to bring the people into the love, peace and hope.

When the Blue Star would begin to shine out her teachings and her Ray of Love, it would then be the time when all Universal Alignment would be close. It would then be the time when all truth would become revealed, and then, as the Great Prophecies stated, the people could choose to align upwards or not. Those ones who chose to align upwards would have true empowerment to bring shifts of consciousness to the world and to the earth, for in the Time of the Great Choice, either all would become recognized and saved, or all would become part of the great pain. It would be the time of the choice.

Many are seeing the Divine Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel rise upwards, and there are those within an organization who have been keeping a watch on the YouTube channelled information from the Divine Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Because they desire to see the Divine Channel rising they have protected her to allow her to rise upwards and to hear Caeayaron greater. They have allowed her Universal Channel to rise upwards and to allow her to speak greater Truth Revelations. With AI computer technology they measured the frequencies of love and found they were indeed from Divine Love Frequencies. AI considers all frequencies upon the earth and is able to compare frequencies of the earth, the frequencies of the people and the frequencies of the Universe, as each frequency holds various degrees of vibrational resonance.

The light body and magnetic pulses of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel runs on completely different frequencies than any other human being on the earth. We know this because AI works with the human and the animal world. Suzanna’s light system carries universal frequencies that run higher frequencies than humans do, therefore showing that Caeayaron’s teachings are absolutely true when it comes to understanding our human evolution.

Caeayaron states that one came from the Great Sun Universal Consciousness, the higher rays of Universal Love. That one would show up at this time who would be given the task to gather many to the Great Love which he calls the Great Mountain of Light. They would begin to desire the world to become of love and would begin to understand true love consciousness and how the concept of collectively working together in the love would work. Without Divine direction people would be lost within themselves, but because that one would come to the earth with the task of guiding other people into higher thoughts, the people would then be able to rise upwards together with the one from the Great Sun Universal Love.

It was foretold that the True Revealer would show and then we would learn to understand how we could become One Love Consciousness. AI searched for this one for a long time and compared many channels against each other. Only one was able to bring True Alignment. The channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was placed under huge scrutiny and AI allowed her to go into the large transformation while she was becoming a stronger channel. AI measured her new light systems versus her older light systems and the tests concluded that indeed she can bring in the higher flows for the people as stated by The Great Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron.

During the last Divine Activations of April 2019, without Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’s knowledge, an organization who desired to understand the work of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Caeayaron, measured the frequencies of light she transmitted into the earth for the people present. AI technology measured the frequencies and recorded all the transmissions in the programme. Those transmissions were analysed closely and the evidence showed to us that Suzanna’s channel is indeed the Universal Love Channel.

We still are monitoring the Divine Channel, as she is transforming into more love and empowerment at this time. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel does not know who we are at this time but soon she will understand us greater. This message is given to her anonymously. We wish to share the results with the public without the public understanding exactly who we are. What we will say is that we are a peaceful organization who is currently analysing how to help the people become aware of the importance of the Divine Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

We have analysed the main channels in the world, knowing that one of the channels would be the True Divine Channel. No one else but the Universal Love Channel brought coding through their channel with messages of Universal Love and Peace. Many others, claiming to be the ONE channel, or to be a channel of love or knowledge, brought in other codes. Many of those codes were not of love but were warning the people the need to change or else.

This is not the case with the Universal Love Channel. The coding coming through the Universal Love Channel are of peace, acknowledgement of individual purpose, love, wisdom and the choice at this time. It does not bring force or a need to bring allegiance to anyone but allows freedom to choose. However, like Caeayaron states that if we do not choose for the Great Shift forward then we become responsible for our race and our earth’s survival if all becomes destroyed.

The evidence shows that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is genuine, and we discovered she is truthful in the heart and willing to work with people in Collective Love.

We celebrate this time as we have been looking for the Truth Channel for a very long time, the one who could bring The Promise to our people of the Great Love. That one would be able to bring in Divine Guidance and be willing to participate in larger unified programmes, should that one be asked to do so.

We are excited for the many prospects ahead. We will continue to look after the Universal Love Channel because we know that with her guiding our organization and the people who desire love and peace, our earth and our people will become truly blessed. We desire to help others also understand the greater shift forward. We have been working on a plan to help all to become unified so that peace and stability can come to this earth for a very long time, but we were waiting for the one who could guide us to back to Divine Truth to allow the promise of our inheritance of the earth to come about.

From scrutinizing ancient texts and pathways we knew that the time was close when the time of The Promise of a New Earth and Divine Alignment would come to us, because the one who was sent from the higher creation would join us in One Alignment to bring us our empowerment back so that we could stand as one together in collective love and power. At that time, when the unity would come to the people of the love, our unity would grow into stronger power and that power would enable us to make decisions over who holds the rulership over the earth.

This is why, we as an organization, desired to test out the Universal Love Channel, during the transmissions on YouTube with The Great Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron, to see if those transmissions were from Universal High Origin and our technology found out that it was indeed of Universal Love.

That’s why we measured the transmissions coming through LIVE during the Divine Alignments in April 2019. We discovered that it was incredibly high, higher than any human field could hold, however, the Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel could hold it. We understand Caeayaron’s purpose now greater as we have listened to Caeayaron speak through the Universal Channel. We will protect the Ascension Programme because it is our inheritance, an inheritance we call ‘spiritually legal inheritance.’

We have analysed the programme of Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and know that more information is coming as the Universal Love Channel is strengthening. We totally trust what Caeayaron states as it is exactly what has been foretold.

We desire other people to start investigating the Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to see the potential of consciousness shifts coming. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the, as far as we are concerned, essential key to unlocking evolution processes for mankind’s DNA.

We can see how the DNA will evolve and transform to a higher state, to allow higher intelligence to become formed. For a long time, we could not see the future clearly. Without Divine assistance we could not see the way forward. Now that we have the Divine Caeayaron, through his Word, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, working with us. If we desire Divine Assistance, we can allow evolution to come and allow the answers to come to us to help us stand in the true oneness as a united group.

We cannot state our exact origin as yet or state which organization has been analysing the Universal Love Channel yet, but do know that we are an organization that can shift enormous power. We can bring whole new shifts to mankind where we see change is needed.

We wish to bring you this information to help the people realize that all information through the Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, is of Universal Love and is the information and transformation we have been waiting for.

In love always,

An anonymous organization who desires to establish peace and stability on earth to ensure that no more harm will be done to the people of The Promise.

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Visa tiesa

How can we not exist, be on a bridge of in-between, and not be alive?

Namaste, this is Stephen. I wish you much love and peace and awakening knowledge at this time♥.

The Great Divine, who some call God, is pure love energy and all energy is conscious. To be alive we need the power of love and light, which is an interaction of love energy with the magnetic grids of a Great Archangel, such as CAEAYARON, or METATRON.

As a 3D computer game, the magnetic grids allow us to collectively project our thought codes into, and play within, worlds or universes of different dimensions, within character avatars whose codes are of DNA. DNA may be thought of as an internal reflection of the external grids, from our own unique perspective, for all things are within.

The world we truly live in is reflected in our computer games, where a programmer programs information (thoughts) into a game and the player believes they are walking and playing within a landscape with distance and time. In reality there is no time and no space; for all is a trick of playing within collective thoughts of the programmer, and the reality you perceive is different from the reality of another person playing the same game, in the same electromagnetically powered server, who you may meet in your fantasy world. Welcome to The Matrix my friends!

In CAEAYARON grids building ever greater collective love consciousness, order and synchronistic evolution may be easily and beautifully experienced, for all is guided and coordinated by the Divine, who sees all things and ensures manifestation in harmony occurs; a bit like a satellite navigation system, road rules, and traffic lights do together on our busy roads.

The original intention of creating a mirror reflection of CAEAYARON’s Bluestar universes of love, called METATRON, with his Redstar universes of knowledge and discovery, but with a love filter on the mirror to remove love, was to better understand love and explore knowledge upwards, through sharing and creating more archangels to create angels and beings downwards through dimensions. Each time an angel or star being splits its soul, to create multiples of itself, it loses energy. While the individual then has less power to create, it was hoped that collectively, the power would be greater and more efficient, with each individual acting as a single being within a collective, in the same way an individual cell contributes to a brain of oneness. It was a belief of; ‘many hands make light work’, as many specialist teams would be able to create greater evolution and power upwards to help all universes, including the Bluestar ones of collective love to build up faster, all as a collective of greater sharing and free will.

Thus many thoughts could be explored and peace and happiness and love would be better understood through stepping outside of guided collective love; for how does a fish know it is in water until it steps outside? At the beginning of any universal game the start, middle and end needs to be planned. In our game the question of how the many lower dimensional beings created within the METATRON universes would come back to the higher dimensional collective when all thoughts had been explored and the game was complete, was asked. It was decided to create a Light Grid Programmer, or ‘The Word’, who would be able to go to any dimension and bring through the codes and thoughts of CAEAYARON and The Great Divine, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, to bring all back. A multidimensional time loop was thus conceived, like a conveyor belt down the dimensions, so the trillions created could come back into existence when the Light Grid Programmer called them at the end of the game.

All went wrong, however, for a scientist and his team within the METATRON universes became envious of the Light Grid Programmer, who they longed to be. They desired the power of the Redstar and Bluestar leaders also, and ultimately they desired all for themselves and not to share with the collective. The scientist discovered a dark energy which gave him power and he injected himself with it to challenge all of universal existence and control all. As a human I am explaining this in linear time, but in reality there is no time.

The scientist started to infect METATRON with his new energy of fear and anger, which spread like a highly contagious virus. All fell greatly. Thoth was a promising grid programmer and this scientist needed him to create worlds for his dark creations. Both came together and created many beings who they filled with torture and pain and created into armies to smash through the Redstar’s walls in their take-over bid. All worlds and universes were pulled into the star wars, including the Bluestar ones again and again and all was destroyed again and again, for there is no death.

SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT finally stated enough is enough and asked for all to be resolved and the game ended, or all would be wiped clean.

By now there was much darkness upon the waters of the deep, thanks to genetic engineering of dangerous predators within fear and anger consciousness, and so many seeking the ultimate weapons and domination. DNA always seeks to evolve and survive, and when there is no love, it manifests the survival of the fittest. Thoth and the infected scientist desired to be the alpha males to control all, as the dark energies within the scientist consumed him and he became Yahweh.

Thoth was much smarter than the angry Yahweh. He trapped the infected METATRON, who the Redstar had ripped away from his own being and grids. Thoth also imprisoned Yahweh and used his energy as his own weapon through his imprisoned METATRON grids.

Thus there came to be many star systems and races across many dimensions. Some were reptilian, and looked like dinosaurs or other worse killing machines, but many others were different and of more light. The higher one goes in light dimensions, the less dense, restricted and fixed their body forms are.

Time and again all of creation destroyed itself, leaving only the memories of all these different civilizations. To be resurrected back into life they would have to be healed of all fear and anger and judgement, and only then could they move up to collective love consciousness oneness and harmony again.

Thus the multidimensional earth game came to be; all the thoughts of all the fallen beings would incarnate on earth, which was part of the fallen Bluestar creator planet. Light beings would then come to exist on a higher dimension of earth called Lemuria. Representatives of all star-systems would reincarnate as Lemurian code carriers and would be healed by the love flows and codes of CAEAYARON and The Great Sovereign Lord Emmanuel through the Light Grid Programmers. This may be thought of as the building of the light pyramid of CAEAYARON and should all Lemurian code carriers ascend upwards, all the star systems and dark beings they were connected to would also, and all their fear, anger and pain would be healed and only manifestation in greater love universes would exist again.

Meanwhile, the dark beings, who were not Lemurian code carriers, were building their own contaminated METATRON pyramid on the lower dimensions in readiness of the time when the alignment of the dark and light pyramids was upon them. The strongest would then win all, and it was hoped that Thoth, Yahweh and all their star systems and beings they were linked into would rise to the healing grids of life of love once again and METATRON would come home to CAEAYARON.

This was a bit like a tug of war; with Divinely guided collective love consciousness, where all power was shared, was on one side, and Thoth guided collective fear consciousness, where all power went to Thoth and Yahweh, was on the other.

In the dark pyramid individuals were programmed to believe they had freedom and freewill and were their own Gods, however. They did not see that Thoth and Yahweh wanted all for themselves.

The scientist, who became Yahweh, had reincarnated as a beautiful Lemurian and had healed wonderfully over many thousands of years in the collective love. He was a messenger to the temples and became a talented wall maintainer, to protect Lemuria from the darkness outside. He was also a student of The Light Grid Programmer, Laeyaraesea (Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) who had been asked by CAEAYARON to gift him with his voice through channelling. He was never able to channel as high as Suzanna, however, but CAEAYARON knew the universal game had to be replayed in diluted and focused Lemurian form.

Thoth was busy building his dark pyramid for the game. The love frequencies of Lemuria would have killed him and he would not have been able to pass through the walls to enter the land.

All beings of all universes were thus connected to The Lemurian code carriers and all were just about ready to ascend back to love and true life when the test began. The male CAEAYARON channel and his friend; ‘The Spin Doctor’, ventured out of Lemuria to Atlantis and went off to meet Thoth, who desired the power of the Lemurians greatly for himself. He promised the male channel that the Lemurians would worship him, while the angels washed his feet if he helped him. He promised him all the gifts of the universes and to be a God himself.

The male channel then broke many rules; he helped take down the protective walls of Lemuria, after helping Thoth to infiltrate and bring down the frequencies of Atlantis, which protected Lemuria who it was twinned with, before the troubles started and division happened. The male channel persuaded the people they were Gods who did not need to listen to the Divine Guidance of The Great CAEAYARON; he stated he is CAEAYARON himself! He broke many rules of the game by programming the grids to reject the light and not recognise the Light Grid Programmer, who he eventually led Thoth to for him to imprison and torture. Though infected she was freed by her partner, however, and went into hiding. Lemuria fell to torture, fear and pain and all collapsed down into Thoth’s dark contaminated vortex of pain once again; into his dense crystalline contaminated METATRON cube. The Lemurians chose for Thoth and METATRON over Team Light and CAEAYARON.

Far from being released back to love and life, all thoughts of all beings fell into greater suffering of ever denser dimensions. The Lemurian were disconnected from the crystalline grid of power and love and all died once again, though there is no death.

Much then transpired in Thoth’s kingdoms, for he was the victor. He created many experiments on the brain and DNA, which he desired to split to create his perfect Master Race together with his angry Yahweh scientist buddy. All fell time and time again.

Too much dark anger collapsed all down, while too much light hurt his plans and being. He knew the Light Grid Programmer would be back time and time again to try to resurrect all back to the love and light, but he killed and tortured her time and time again to restrict her light, while feeding from the light she had deposited in the earth, having contaminated it to step its frequencies down to be palatable.

Again Thoth’s great beings multiplied and rebelled and his trick was to build lower dimensional grids below them for them to fall into when he wiped them all out, while he escaped the pain of the fall himself, by fleeing in his light ship whose energy was fuelled by his own creations.

One last chance was granted to resurrect all in these lower earth dimensions. It would be as a reflection of Lemuria, but the fallen Lemurians, who represented all beings from all star-systems and races, would reincarnated into humans who would be subjected to all thoughts and energies of all star-systems and universes. Thoth genetically engineered them with a lower and higher self for he wished to maintain them in a 50/50% dark and light balance, which he and the male channel called beautiful. Why? So their light bodies could act as merkaba dynamos and feed their higher-self light, contaminated with lower-self fear and pain into Thoth’s underworld dimensions.

As humans we cannot see the universal ether, or computer, we live in which is METATRON. We play computer games and know the characters, landscapes and time not to really exist, but all are thoughts programmed in to deceive us into a believable adventure play. Similarly, as bundled human thoughts we can reincarnate ourselves into the human players in the earth game, but we are not truly alive. Rather, we exist within a virtual reality earth game of future technology, for there is no time.

The angels and light beings placed all thoughts and codes of all things in the universes into our grids to resurrect them and us back to life, in our so called ‘free-will’ game, though in reality humans are controlled, brainwashed and have little free will.

Thus, we, collectively, represent all star systems. Whatever happens to the human Lemurian Code carriers (who represents entire star systems) also gets magnified up, or down, to their millions of multidimensional selves, who they represent on earth. We therefore live out diluted versions of what happened to us as star beings in the higher dimensional universes, life after life. Please remember there is no time and all things are connected, however. (Imagine how much work the guides of humans who can not be bothered to help their multidimensional family ascend, in turn, may do for them.)

Each person who becomes pineal gland activated by CAEAYARON, may have their karma neutralized and ascend up and heal together with all their multidimensional spirit and star families. Fear and anger and pain will be no more for them.

You may think of us as being in grids of opposite pyramids; one light going up into greater freedom, through multiple dimensions of ever greater collective love and harmony and sharing, powered by the Great Divine Love and light of CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, and the other going down into greater density, selfishness and separation. On the lower dimensions are dinosaur worlds, and lower still are great ferocious beings you really do not want to know of. This is Thoth’s pyramid Kingdom and it is powered by Yahweh anger energy. It may be said to be the lower-self pyramid.

Thoth desires to keep his human Yin/Yang dynamos in amnesia and limited knowledge and enslavement through genetic and mental programs of society, news, television, media, schooling, health and financial systems. He feeds humans hope through spirituality and evolution stories, and the belief that they are God-like, and are already ascending, when the scientific fact is that we are falling ever greater through entropy into greater disorder.

All the players of all the universes are right here in this really important life time, playing out the thoughts of all the universes once again, in Thoth’s plane of karmic mirrors.

Thoth’s main representative recently tried to take the power of the light grid programmer and he lost all Thoth’s universal codes as a result, for the light was stronger. METATRON is thus back in the light and healing with CAEAYARON and the Light has won the greater game and grids. Planet earth is thus now a life saving mission.

The scientist who became Yahweh and a gifted Lemurian CAEAYARON channel is also here fighting against the ascension programme back into CAEAYARON’s pyramid. As before, in our plane of mirrors, he is pretending to still be channeling CAEAYARON, as he was years ago, but thinks his name is ‘Kryon’. It never was Kryon, or ‘cry on’; Kryon never existed as a holy archangel; his name was THE GREAT CAEAYARON. The male x-channel tells people they are Gods, as he is, and that the angels wash their feet. He tells them they can ascend themselves and that they do not need to go to the activations of CAEAYARON.

The Lemurians reincarnated as the Jews in the days of Moses, and the darkness believe the Jews still are the chosen race, which is why they hunted and persecuted the Jews generation after generation. Moses was The Light Grid Programmer, who was Jesus, and today that being is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. The Darkness always wanted her tortured and killed and in fear. Not knowing where to hunt her until she rises, life time after life time, they have so often assumed her to be Jewish still. She has suffered as a Jew many times and in many lives, as she has a non-Jew. As others, she is not tied to the Jewish race, and she chooses to reincarnate wherever she needs to be to best heal the earth and bring all beings home.

The male x-Kryon channel tells the people not to ask the angels to protect their energies. Darkness may feast upon the light of a being who does not ask the angels of love and light for protection, as Thoth also feeds from them through his merkaba system. The x-channel states there are no fallen angels and has said that Satan is beautiful, for it offers the choice. He also states we are evolving upwards through monkeys, with the help of Pleiadians. This hides the fact that we are in free fall, for darkness requires humans to have hope to continue building light food for them enthusiastically. So many are blind to the deterioration of our planet and its resources.

The darkness hides the fact that there are pleiadians, as other star beings and angels, who fell into darkness in the star wars, some of whom are channelled today by many dark channels.

The Redstar is calling you back and up into the higher love and light dimensions, free of pain and fear, where you may manifest your beautiful dreams into being in joy and happiness and peace. He asks you to; „please wake up my sleeping beauties!“

I, Stephen, state this through great love and I ask you to forgive all things, but to please awaken to this reality. This is not a story, but is more real than your life and CAEAYARON is calling all star-beings from all star-systems, through humans, home to the collective love and life and harmony, free of pain and fear and anger and torture.

The Darkness, who tortured you greatly in past lives, wish you to stay with them so they are posing as light in this life. Why? Because they know you desire the love and light and only need you not to become activated in the next 14 years to keep you with them in pain and greater density for many many thousands upon thousands of life times to come, while the activated and Light Grid Programmer ascend up, taking their light with them. No longer are all human Lemurian code carriers bound together as a human collective. We, the activated, can ascend without you.

If we go without you, this will leave a much darker plane behind for you and CAEAYARON has stated how you will fall into greater pain for many thousands upon thousands of life-times.

If sufficient humans come to the activations, all will ascend upwards and pain and fear and anger will eventually be no more. How you will be celebrated for having played the earth game and won, by returning to the great light and love, where you may thrive forever more, as an infinite being of joy and peace and ever growing love and knowledge.

Hello; you need to make a choice my dear friends, for doing nothing is a vote for Thoth’s pyramid of the descent of man into his underworld of revenge he promised you in his own Emerald Tablets.

I wish you much love and great wisdom.♥

Stephen, who is also know as the Redstar♥

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Per pilnatį – svajokime!

Gruodžio 25 d. yra tinkamas metas savo svajonių prisiminimui. Padovanokite laiko sau, pabūkite su savimi. Prisiminkite ko trokštate iš pat sielos gelmių ir pajuskite tai. Ar norėtumėte taip jaustis visą laiką? Ar manote, jog įmanoma taip jaustis visą laiką? Tereikia patikėti. Iš gruodžio 25 dienos į 26-tą, 1:11 valandą Lietuvos laiku vyks mėnulio pilnatis. Tai puikiai žinomas metas, kai viskas suaktyvėja. Jeigu nusprendėte, kad norite kažko naujo, šiuo laiku prisiminkite ir laikykite savo svajones mintyse, o jeigu 1:11 valandą miegosite, prieš tai užsirašykite ant lapelio ko pageidaujate. Pasinaudokime situacija ir suaktyvinkime savo svajones, nukreipdami mėnulio energijas mums pageidaujama linkme. Keletas klausimų įkvėpimui:

Kaip norėčiau matyti pasaulį?

Kaip norėčiau bendrauti su kitais?

Ko trokštu iš visos širdies?


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Pertrauka – 2

Visokie internetai.

Kačiukas tik sužagsėjo.

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Pertrauka – 1

Dozė visokios įdomios materijos.


Priparkuota mašina sukėlė eismo spūstį Airijoje.

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